Which digital tools for which type of knowledge in studio teaching?

Distant teaching requires digital tools able to transmit the specific disciplinary knowledge (such as spatial ability, Architectural culture, Living standards…), but also the soft skills (such as critical thinking, Team working, Interdisciplinarity) related to architectural design process. For this reason, the choice and the combination of digital tools is not neutral but strictly connected toContinue reading “Which digital tools for which type of knowledge in studio teaching?”

Teachers and students exchange: how is it going online?

Teaching studio at the time of the coronavirus: what is lost and what is gained? Online studio teaching with the use of video-conferencing but, the in-between space of transpiring notions and the possibility of a shared discovery as a result of physical and mutual presence is compromised. What’s your feeling about this?

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pEA platform invites all educators in architecture to submit inspiring students’ projects developed in their online design studios. The selected projects must envision architecture as an instrument that operates for designing a judicious shared future for all the earthlings. Each case study submitted has to explain in 300 words the design process revealing the reasoning behind the strategies employed by individual students or team of students, as a result of working through the brief

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The case studies selected through the Call for experiences will be accessible in the pEA Repository to be source of inspiration for the whole community.

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Field notes on pandemic teaching – Places Journal

Strelkamag: Quarantinology

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