Call : “We are going through truly tempestuous times.”

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“We are going through truly tempestuous times.”

These times are not only changing how we teach by switching into digital platforms but also these times ought to change what we teach. It is evident that zoonotic diseases, along with climate crisis, and social justice, are the result of badly designed relationships among us all and among human beings and their environment.
Architecture as the discipline that is devoted to the study of how we live together has the fundamental role to reveal, address, reimage, and repair the connectedness of everything.

Architecture education has to operate with agency and generosity to inspire students to employ their architectural skills as a vehicle for social change, for the common good, to form more cosmopolitan citizens architects: compassionate socially active architects sensible to their local communities and aware of the global issues, people who are capable of designing for a judicious shared future and to provide care for all the earthlings. Architecture after all is how we live together and as such it is never a private matter.

Educating the Educators platform invites all the educators in architecture to submit inspiring ‘illustrative case studies’ coming from the students’ projects in design studios.
Illustrative case studies serve primarily to make the unfamiliar familiar and to provide accessible information behind each project. Each case study submitted has to explain in 300 words the design process revealing the reasoning behind the strategies employed by individual students or team of students, as a result of working through the brief. The submitted case study have to be an exemplary students’ project in which architecture thinking is used for the greater good and common care and have to conform to the following structure:

Title of Design Studio:


Year of Studies:

Duration: in weeks:



Course description (150 words):

Students’ project title:



Description (200 words):

3 Illustrations:

All narratives will need to be written in English. Any questions can be sent to Deadline July 15, 2020